The bounty of sea glass

Many people collect sea glass for multiple reasons. It is a great way to enjoy the beach combing and what I like to refer to as an Adult Treasure Hunt. I think it is also a nice way to decompress and clear your head. 

I found sea glass hunting as a hobby when I was a very young child. My family has always been beach people and we often spent our vacation time at the Jersey Shore. While lazing on the beach, like many of us, boredom would hit. A long walk at the waters edge always helped a new door open. Grazing at the tides end, we would fine so many amazing treasures. When sea glass was found it was a big deal. I was always insanely excited and kept all my findings in a dish at home. 

As I grew older, my mom and I would continue to look for sea glass at special spots. Digging through piles of shells and sand. Finding a blue piece was the best. That was always the goal. Fast forward 15 years and here we were again beach combing and finding an array of sugary perfected jewels from the sea. 

We learned more about the probable origin of certain shades and shapes. It got more and more interesting and the want to find certain things became a thrill. Marbles and bottles stoppers have been top notch on the list, along with colors of red, purple, yellow, orange, grey and shades of blue. 

I make jewelry out of so many of these found pieces. Most of them are set in sterling silver, some drilled, wrapped or set in alternative solder technique. They are timeless articles of jewelry that will never go out of style. Most importantly they will remind you of your time spent at the beach, on walks with your Grandpa or moments spent with your siblings. 

Lauren Waltz