We are: Blue Lotus.

What is it about a lotus? The fact that it blooms in the harshest of conditions? 

Buddhist studies use the lotus flower in guided meditations. The meditation instructs practitioners to imagine themselves as a tiny lotus seed that is deeply buried in the mud. While the mud is dirty and uncomfortable, the seed's journey is to move calmly through the darkness and into the light. Once the seed completes the journey, it blossoms into the next stage of life. The lotus symbolizes growth and determination.

A lotus is the perfect symbol for this store. A blue lotus is symbolic with a victory over the spirit of self, that is to say being able to leave wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge behind and becoming open to spirituality and the attachment to life. The most well-known role of the blue Lotus flower in Egyptology is set in it’s association with the Sun, the creation, and rebirth.

Not only is this a reflection of our feelings, way of life and beliefs, we have observed over the past few weeks of being open, that it also is true of our customers and vendors. 

Moving forward into the season of warmth we are excited to continue to grow. In the next few months you can expect to see more innovative products. New lines of clothing, body care, aromatherapy, jewelry, home decor and healthy lifestyle merchandise. 

Blue Lotus is happy to be in Ocean City, New Jersey, America's Greatest Family Resort! 



Lauren Waltz