Nothing can bring you peace but yourself
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Blue Lotus is the expression of freedom, the lifestyle of the "Gypsea" woman who loves music, the beach, the ocean, sea life, festivals, fashion and splurging on fun skin care. 

We offer lots of handmade items; aromatherapy, sea glass (found locally) jewelry, silver, gemstone, mineral jewelry, plant arrangements and a bubbly, artistic soap line. 

Our clothing lines are from the West Coast and reflect the California lifestyle. Free flowing and chill. Fun Graphic tops line the wall and lead you into dresses and tops. We also carry undergarments that fit a wide variety of sizes and ages. The store itself is a fascinating little adventure to go through.


The Idea

Is that we create a safe, happy space for people to shop. A place that is a haven to relax in and enjoy an experience rather than a pressured task.

We are an alley to all. 

Style & Quality

We love looking for new, stylish clothing lines. Our feel of the bohemian beach babe comes through in the threads we sell. 

Comfort and Quality of wearable items are very important to us. We make it a point to pull in only the best in the most reasonable price range. 

100% Handmade

Our sea glass jewelry, gemstone jewelry, coordinate jewelry, stamped jewelry, bath products, aromatherapy, mermaid blankets and home good items are all handmade.