West Coast vibes fill the walls in Blue Lotus.

The graphic tank tops, found by Blue Lotus, walking up the Manhattan Beach shopping district in California. They were such a sought after item there as we were informed by the shop owners. Once back to the East Coast we began choosing the right sayings for our location. Great for any age, everyone finds a saying that hits a heart string. 

Traveling up and down the iconic Abbott and Kinney Boulevard, in the heart of Venice beach, we found lines of clothing and style that we brought back. We will do our best to list clothing here but as it sells so fast it is hard to keep up! 

Here we are also listing; year round ornaments handmade by different artists, local coordinate jewelry for OCNJ, our popular multi strap 4 way stretch bras, a few items of clothing (TBD) and stay tuned for a whole aromatherapy section!