behind the scenes:

Blue Lotus is a "working" store. Whether the doors are open or not, this shop is in constant motion. The artists and craftsmen behind the scenes are always creating new products and developing new lines to share with you.

Our artistic bunch seems to never sleep. Scouring the the web for ideas, traveling and messing around with materials, we all seem to come up with fun, innovative pieces. 

Giving back is a HUGE part of our team. We work with a few non profits to support the community and third world countries. If you would like to get involved with these causes click the links provided and start hanging out with us while we work! 

We value our customers and often become friends with them. Our team will even check in on local people to make sure they are doing OK! It is important that we make these connections and that our customers are happy when they enter and leave the store. All of us strive to keep the store a sacred space of love and light.